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The dispute between the local bodies will not be resolved on the Nepal Engineering College

Municipal head of Chununarayan Municipalities Som Prasad Mishra has said that the dispute of Nepal Engineering College should be resolved indirectly.

Speaking on Thursday in Bhaktapur, the municipality had only played role in facilitating the dispute, saying that the local body would intervene in the college affairs if there was no dispute resolution in the coming days.

Earlier, Chairman of the Nepal Engineering College, Hari Pandey, accused the current Chairman, Lamboer Neapane, privatizing the college for the consent of the executive committee.

He said that immediately the personalized college should be dismissed at the office of the Company Registrar.

The current chairman of the college, Lamborghar Neapane, said that the meeting of the Board of Directors has already decided that the company had decided to register at the office of the Registrar. He said that due to the authority of all the college researchers, he said that if he was wrong, he would be involved in the punishment.

The students who were living at the Mittah Mandala camp at the Rafat Communication Club, who were present in the interaction program, were present in the interaction program and demanded the nomination of Neupane. They surrendered anger to President Neupane and did not play against the future of the student.

In the program, Law practitioner Anil Shrestha, in the context of college, as father’s parents are not able to kill their children after being born a child, as a college social institution, the college said that it is not permissible for personalization.