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Army (including video) to remove floods in sample school of Kathmandu

Nepalese army is helping Nepal to clean the floods caused by the rainfall-based Sample Community School Gyannadu High School in the capital.

The flood in the local mindshed river has fallen in the school. According to Nataikji Maharjan, a premium was canceled on Thursday, after getting water in all the rooms on the floor of the school buildings. “We had to leave school today, but it is difficult to migrate from tomorrow even after reading flood.” He told the flat.

He said that water is all over the ground and it is Himalayas. Nepali soldiers, teachers, guardians and students are cleaning school rooms and premises.

“All the floods have been erupted, the classroom is all-dimensional,” he said, “It has not been possible that there has been damage to about 40 to 50 million, but how many damage has not been made.”

Maharjan, who was damaged by flooding in Computer Labs, Science and Engineering Laboratory, Library and Nursery study, said the flood.

Enlightenment has been a sample school for a long time due to excellent results.

Here are two years of studying engineering from the classroom. Here, 48 students of class 9 are studying. Maharjan said that the damage caused by flooding to the engineering laboratory for them was damaged. Both of the facilities available here are the science labs.

This school, established in 2020, has been providing excellent results in SLC since 2052. After this, the ‘profile’ of this school was started after the passenger passage passed by the SLC in 2052 (Nepali Calendar).

Then every year this sample school has been done. This school also has a great result in the last two SEE exams.

Nursery and Kaji classes are being studied here since 2040 (Nepali Calendar).

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