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Ncell customers of flood affected areas has sent 1.5 million free SMS

Kathmandu: Ncell has sent SMS over more than 1.5 million SMS under the free SMS service provided by Ncell to ensure its customers’ communication in flood affected areas.

The company provided 50 free sms for three days a day from Sunday to help customers stay in touch with their loved ones during their disaster and to help them with relief and relief work. According to the directive of the regulatory body Nepal Telecom Authority, Ncell provided free SMS service to the customers of flood-affected districts.

In addition to this, Ncell made the balance transfer service free of charge to facilitate voice and data service. Besides, the amount of money received under the NSS service was increased and Rs 60 was given to the existing service fee. Similarly, the company also provided free emergency contact number 9008 to target customers of the affected area and to contact their loved ones.

“Free SMS service provided by each day, targeted by flood affected areas, increased accessibility facility, free balance transfer facility and emergency contact number, have received the response of this loved one to stay in touch with the loved ones and made it easy for relief and relief work,” said Pranayas’s corporate service director. Acharya said. He also informed that the company brought additional towers to the surface of water in the affected area.

“In some places there was no power supply and the risk of running diesel generators. Currently, 97 percent of the twenty-five BTI towers are operating and providing service to the customer, “Acharya said.

Encyclopedia of various disadvantages provided to provide services to their customers during the time of natural disaster, Ncell has been working with the Department of Water and Meteorology, while providing flood-related information to its customers in the risky areas of flood, namely SMS alerts. Under this, the company had sent more than 60 million pre-notifications (from Sun 24 to May 30).

According to the water supply in the river, SMS Content Ncell provided by the Department of Water and Meteorological Science has conveyed SMS to the customers of the risky areas of the flood victims. The department will provide information to send the SMS to the NSL as per the situation of water and water in the river to reduce the damage from the flood and the dam.

According to the agreement, Ncell sends the predictions and pre-sentiments through SMS to the families living in the lower coastal areas of the river, along with West Rapti, Narayani, Kanki, Koshi, Bagmati, Karnali, Babai and Kamala, on the basis of water and water flow.

Ncell signed a memorandum letter for providing information about water and meteorological department last year. According to that, Ncell has been providing SMS for pre-emerging flood flooding to the families living in high risk of flood and dams.

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