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Congress-Maoist lockdown in municipality of Budhani Kalam

Kathmandu: Workers of political parties including Nepal Congress, Maoist Center, and Maoists in the office of Budhalakalnath municipalities have been looted.

According to the allegations, the CPN (Maoist) leaders working in the house of municipal employees in the mid-night, the CPN (Maoist) leaders were collecting their voter nomination papers in their own house.

The protesters also said that the people who came to collect voter nominations collected the names of CPN (Maoist) chairman, Chairman Deepak Nouula, but did not collect the names of special voters. Other political parties have accused the local leaders and workers of the UML by using it properly and other organizations.

The local leaders of the Congress and Maoist Center, along with the Talabandi, have dismissed the earlier voter nomination papers and demanded the District Election Office to assemble the voter nomination.

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