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Another ‘deadly’ deal of Deuba with India

Kathmandu: Due to the construction of a dam built by India, various hydropower experts say that every year in the Terai region of Nepal has been dispersed. Indian experts have also commented on this.

Prior to India visit, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba had been invited to differentiate the same subject with India. Experts and other leaders also suggested this to the Prime Minister. But Prime Minister Deewala signed a separate agreement with this suggestion.

Prime Minister Deuba has said that the prime ministerial party, former Prime Minister and advisor’s suggestions did not give any importance to the agreement with India to set up the Saptoshi high. According to Van Tu-Van and delegation level meeting between the Prime Minister, the agreement has been agreed to take up the Sankkoshi High Dam in Joint-led peace process.

The point of speech is on No. 28- Both Prime Minister have agreed to speed up the work of the Detect Project (DPR) of Saptakashi High Dam and Sunkoshi Storage and Diversion Plan.

However, there is a topic that is being raised by various water sources in Nepal, saying that Saptakashi high dam is not in the interest of Nepal. According to the experts, after the dam, it has been estimated that more areas of the Terai region of Nepal will be covered.

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