Just 2 important things you need to remember before: always eat something light before running, so that you are energetic enough and please do not forget to some stretching so that you don't injure yourself and your muscles are not sore
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Running in the morning is an antidepressant, here’s how

If you want to become a morning runner, try to get up early, lay out your clothes at night, and do not forget to eat something light before you go for a run. And hey, sometimes sleeping in your running clothes can be quite exciting. Madness always helps!

Every morning is a battle. For some, it is to catch the school bus, for some it is the metro so that you don’t punch late in the office. For daddies and mommies, it is to wake up early and prepare their children’s meal. And amid such busy routines, what we forget is to breathe, (not literally), but we forget to whiff the fresh air, to witness the morning breeze, to look out those daisies, lilies and boroughs. We start our day at 7 in the morning and end at 10 or perhaps 12 or beyond that, thanks to the corporate world. And amidst this what we miss is self-talk, self-healing and often sleep with a heavy heart or maybe with the feeling, ‘another day, another battle.’

But to be honest, self-healing takes only 30-45 minutes of your life. Waking up early and enjoying the morning sounds tough and sometimes boring, but hey it actually heals. And the best way to heal is to EXERCISE. Salt water really does help in case of depression, even doctors recommend some exercising if the person is going through depression or maybe a breakdown. And in case you don’t get time in the morning, evening walks aren’t a bad idea either.

We often spend too much at the gym, thinking it might help, weight training will make us too lean, or those artificial treadmills will heal my soul. But, let’s not forget outdoor exercises make us see the beautification around the world. Remember the last time you hear birds chirping in the morning? Remember the last time you saw milkmen and newspapermen delivering at the households? No right!

It is never too late! You still have time to put on some jazz music (or whatever suits you) and go for morning run/workouts. Try to sleep early, and lay out your clothes at night. Just 2 important things you need to remember before a good jogging session: always eat something light before running, so that you are energetic enough and please do not forget to do some stretching so that you don’t injure yourself and your muscles are not sore. It always helps, it always heals. Happy running!