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Nepal, China signed Internet connectivity between two Countries

For the first time, China and Nepal have been connected with an optical fibre network via Tibet as the two countries firmed up to extend high speed internet services to Nepal and to eleminate its sole dependence on India for internet.

Geelong Port (Kerung) of China is being used to route the internet service. The two countries have signed the agreement in China’s Hong Kong, ending Nepal’s sole dependence on India for connecting the Himalayan country with global telecom and internet services.

After the connectivity was established through optical fiber, Nepal now can be directly linked with China’s Hong Kong Data Center, which is one of the two biggest global date centers in Asia, through the Chinese mainland.

The latest agreement says, access to internet service through the route of China has been possible. As of now, Nepal has access to internet service only through Indian route. Currently, Nepal Telecom has been connected with various Indian telecom service providers through bordering southern towns –Bhairahawa, Birgunj and Biratnagar, the company statement added.

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