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Oyo to expand in Nepal ; coming up in 15 cities

New Delhi: Oyo or Oyo Rooms is about to expand its branches in Nepal, it is expected to cover 15 cities of Nepal. The Founder Ritesh Aggarwal’s Oyo rooms are already available in Kathmandu and Pokhara and is planning to bring the service to other 15 cities of Nepal. He said in a program organized at the Indian Habitat Center of Lodhi Road, “now there are 100 hotels affiliated with Nepal and in coming few month it is targeting a thousand.

He said that hotel entrepreneurs of Nepal are coming with attractive projects and plans. He said that the number of Internet users has increased and those who were booking on the Oyo app, would like to cooperate with hotels in other cities too. “Oyo Hotel Roshan is very local,” he said, as we are available in India and China as well, there is a lot of people going to be there in Nepal while going to Nepal. Room price of Oyo Hotel is from Rs 999 to Rs 2,000. Currently 45 Oyo employees are employed in Nepal.

Oyo Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Ghosh, for India and South Asia, also mentioned that Nepal wants to enhance tourist tourism and entrepreneurial development. “There is a wonderful idea with the hotel’s conductor of Nepal,” he said, ‘He has a good knowledge of how to put and engage in the customer. We can only emphasize on improving technological efficiency, training, and increasing the network.’

Oyo started operating in Nepal since 2017, is serving in than 100 hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara. “Nepal is a suitable market for us,” Ghosh said, “We will bring 10 thousand rooms throughout the coming month.”  When visiting the Kathmandu for the first time, many hotels remember recites. Ohio said that he was in the shadow when he was not a beautiful place and he was able to repair the middle level hotel, improve his repair by repairing other things. Its main feature is TV, Free Breakfast, Free Wifi, Tablet Kit etc. Rooms can be booked through the Oyo app.

Oyo has announced to invest 14 million rupees in India and South Asia within three hundred days. In this year, we want to reach more than 20,000 rooms in India, in the same year, “Kalexan O’Neand brand” also said, “We have the opportunity to see the world as a global brand of India.” Ritesh, who created one lakh jobs in India, who became a network of seventy-largest hotel operators in the world, now launched from a hotel in 2013. He said he was the first of India and the fourth largest hotel in China. Its network is in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Britain, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka.

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