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NCELL Red Number Hoax – Revealed

Now a days we are hearing about the Red Number in Ncell .Some of the time things circulate around the web or in the internet with no clarification. Since the beginning of informal community and media, individuals love to share news, thoughts, stimulation and here and there about themselves. Yet, some fake news is made in a vacuum and gets to be distinctly shocking news inside hours.

In a blog post, Ncell stated : “Please do not believe in hoaxes about calls from short numbers and possible issues if received.
We encourage not to believe and discourage transmission of such type of messages.”

We all have been wondering about Short Red Number these days. People on internet, social media are spreading the hoax that they’ve been listening to the news about a red short number telephone approach Ncell and whoever got it were dead. The news is believed to be fake.

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