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NCELL Mobile TV Packs details

All Ncell customers can now enjoy watching TV online on their handsets, as the leading mobile service provider of the country has launched a new service ‘Mobile TV Packs’.

The launch of the TV packs marks yet another milestone in Nepali telecommunications market as it for the first time makes available mobile TV service in mobile platform to Ncell customers. Customers subscribing the packs will be able to watch TV online in Net TV App, a product of NITV Streamz Pvt Ltd with which Ncell has partnered for the mobile TV service, as per a press statement. The TV packs have come into effect from Wednesday (October 26) for a period of 15 days.

Depending upon customers’ requirement, Ncell’s post-paid and pre-paid customers can buy packs containing time duration of 30 minutes, one hour, two hours and three Hours to use the TV app.  The 30-minute pack costs Rs 35 and charge for the one-hour pack is Rs 60.

Similarly, two-hour and three-hours packs cost Rs 100 and Rs 150, respectively. The packs’ cost include applicable taxes. All four packs can be subscribed in both one-time and auto-renew basis. For one-time, pack validity will be 24 hours after activation, while for recurring packs, they will be renewed at mid-night automatically.

Customers can activate the packs by dialling *17133# and selecting a desired pack. They can also subscribe the packs by sending SMS to 17133. Customers can also activate the packs through IVR. After consumption of the packs, customers will be charged three rupees per MB, excluding taxes. If customers want to discontinue subscription, they can deactivate by dialling *17133# and following instructions or by sending SMS to 17133.

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