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How do I activate or deactivate data in Ncell Mobile phone

If you bought a new phone or formatted the mobile, you would end up without an internet settings. There are various ways to activate and download data settings in Ncell Mobile phone.

In smart phones you can download settings in various protocols such as WAP, GPRS or EDGE to get connected to the world.

You can use internet to surf websites, check your emails, make video and audio calls, connect your mobile as modem to your personal computer.

All Ncell Sim card come with pre-activated data for browsing internet in pay as you go plan. But in case if you need to activate the data service you need to follow any of the below steps:

  • Type A and send SMS to 900224
  • Dial 900 and follow the instructions
  • Dial *100# and follow the instructions

Once the data gets enabled on your number you need to settings to connect with the Internet. To get settings delivered to your mobile just type ALL and send it to 9595. Within few seconds you will receive automatic settings for your phone. Save the settings and you are ready to surf the internet.

If in case the automatic settings did not work well, you can manually set the mobile internet setting on your phone.

Go to the Settings of your mobile and then to the internet/mobile data/cellular/web settings and enter the following information.

APN -> web

Home page ->

Thats it, save the settings and reboot your phone. Once the mobile gets turned on you can surf the internet.

If you do not wish to surf internet you can always deactivate the mobile internet for your number. Follow any of the below steps to deactivate Ncell mobile data:

  • Type R and send SMS to 900224
  • Dial 900 and follow the instructions
  • Dial *100# and follow the instructions

Once deactivated you won’t be able to connect to the internet. To activate again follow the previous steps.

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