Kathmandu again lockdown
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Nepal Kathmandu to be under lockdown soon

Kathmandu health officials has recommended another lockdown in the valley as the risk of coronavirus spread as risen several folds after the country wide unlocking after July 21 2020.
Thousands of people are entering the valley after the end of lockdown which ultimately is increasing the number of covid-19 cases. The number of people testing positive is increasing day by day.
“We cannot rule out another lockdown in the Valley if the number of cases keeps rising at the current rate,” an official at the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center told the Post.
Officials are finding difficulties in tracing the spread of the pandemic after lifting the nation wide lockdown. “We don’t know how many people they met and which public vehicles they boarded,” Dr Basudev Pandey, director at the Division, told the Post.
The Division has reported the situation in the Valley to the Health Ministry. “Now it is up to them whether or not to recommend new restrictions,” said Pandey.
Lockdowns have been reimposed to cities like Biratnagar, Birgunj, Rajbiraj and other cities which are sharing border with the country India. These cities has seen a vary rapid increase of infection after the end of nation-wide lockdown.
As more people are entering the valley the reimposing of lockdown to the valley is very likely. Around 7,500 people has entered the valley in last 24 hours as per records.
“Most of the new infections are found among the people coming from the Tarai,” the official said. “Of the 70 persons who tested positive in the Valley on Thursday, 65 were recent arrivals.”
Out of 65 Persons tested positive, 48 were from Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Dr Samir Adhikari, joint-spokesperson for the Health Ministry, said there must be strict restrictions on people from entering Kathmandu Valley. Approximately 0.7 percent of people tested were positive till now which is alarming.
As of 1st August, 572 peoples are infected in the Kathmandu Valley and the number is increasing rapidly. 199 of them were get infected after the lockdown was lifted.
As a precaution, Home Ministry has prohibited the entry of people in the valley between 7 pm to 7 am (during night) in order to contain the spread of virus.