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Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project: Structure Assessment begins

Gorkha – The hydropower project has begun the determination process for the structure of the area in the area. The project will be distributed by the beginning of the year, by determining the purpose of home, motherhood, harvest, fruits, and trees.

The proposed 12 MW Hydropower Project was earlier focused on the compensation of the land. Now the compensation of the project structure is in determination. According to Chief Krishna Karki of the project, compensation distribution and rehabilitation unit, different committees have been created for the purpose of home, motherhood, fruits and private forest.

To determine the value of the structure, a committee has been formed in the coordination of the Urban Development and Building Division office, for the purpose of the freight, measurement, district administration, and unit. He said that the purpose of home, motherhood, and Khor has been determined by the engineer appointed in the earthquake work. He said,”Agriculture has been started by the field of fruits, forest office.” The committee will calculate the price by calculating it separately.

Similarly, the task force has been formed for representatives of buildings, measurement, freight and units in the consolidation of Assistant Chief District Officer Pushpraj Poudel to regulate the land of Arghghat and Khare Bazaar. He said that collecting the evidence that the land is underway and determining the price after discussion. The area’s asset has not been set to determine how many areas are considered to be market.

In addition to Arghghat of Gorakhha, Arhethet, Aurghat and Kharsh market of Dhading, the area has been determined. Chief Karki said that the unit has already started work with the goal of distributing compensation by setting up prices for 6 months.

Due to the project, the impact of Dhedding and Gorkhas in the river is being disbursed to 15 billion rupees. It is expected to get Rs 60 billion for distribution of compensation for return of land and fruits. “Our job is to clear the side now,” Chief Karki said, “there is no lack of money. We have stepped forward with the goal of distributing compensation as soon as possible. ‘ He said that the project has 26 billion rupees for distribution of compensation. The construction work of the cycle to be constructed in the area of Ringroad construction project was started from this year. The goal is to surround the area and build a distance of about 300 km. ‘DDR of Ringroad has already been prepared. The drawing design has been prepared for the long-term beneficiaries, “Chief Karki said,” there is a design of making 15 meters wide road.”

He said that the project has received Rs. 14 million from the current fiscal year for construction of cycle. “We start work by starting the tender process,” he said. Out of sea level, 540 Meter area will be caused due to the project. Apart from ‘4040’, we have considered more than five meters of risk zone, “he said,” only in the lower part will be Ringroads and Basti area.”

Due to the project, 3,660 families from Dhading and Gorkha will be completely displaced and 8,143 families will be affected. The project has been completed in 9 months of construction of the project.

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